The Center for Community Adaptation (CCA) was launched as a not-for-profit business in Champaign, Illinois in June 2010 to facilitate strategic adaptation of communities.

America's population has doubled since World War II and will add 140 million more people by 2050.Communities are now facing growing stresses around environmental,
social, and economic sustainability.

These stresses also provide opportunities for communities to adapt beneficially. Strategic adaptation will require a sophisticated, coordinated approach to the deployment of emerging technologies, services, programs, policies, and infrastructure.

Thus, the opportunities require an enduring and agile private entity that leads. The Center for Community Adaptation will help align the unique assets of communities to achieve leadership in place-based solutions around sustainability in a regional context.

What CCA Does

  • Adopts place-based strategies to help communities beneficially adapt to issues and opportunities framed by environmental, social, and economic sustainability.
  • Facilitates collaborations of businesses, government, academia, NGOs, and others.
  • Coordinates and shapes adaptations to sustainable opportunities so that they become regionally replicable.
  • Identifies socially-embedded solutions that inform the policy-making process and the need for changes in societal institutions.
  • Deploys innovative systems approaches for solving problems that often transcend an immediate solution or a straight-forward adoption of a single market-driven solution.
  • Encourages new configurations of technologies and/or services that propel further innovation and diffusion to other places.
  • Provides experiential learning opportunities and proof-of-concept approaches for trying out new strategies and technological solutions, as well as ongoing correction of deployment pathways.
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